Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Team Owner - Mr T

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Bronze league cup Bronze league cup

Unlocked secret achievements

But it wouldn't be a secret if we told you what secret achievements Mr T had unlocked!


German Turbo Quartett Sound 2019 FF1GP Manager Spend it all Pick 2 world championship drivers Italian Turbo Quartetto Sound Visit your achievements


Pierre Gasly fanbadge Daniel Ricciardo fanbadge Racing Point-Mercedes fanbadge Williams-Mercedes fanbadge Sebastian Vettel fanbadge Kimi Raikkonen fanbadge Haas-Ferrari fanbadge McLaren-Renault fanbadge

2019 teams

I spent 35 million & just got this bunch of losers

Owner: Mr T
Current score: 61pts  Score Breakdown

Mr Ts predictions

Owner: Mr T
Current score: 69pts  Score Breakdown

Seb & Kimi (awesome) with a hopefully improved McLaren

Owner: Mr T
Current score: 64pts  Score Breakdown