Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - United Arab Emirates Grand Prix league race scores

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The Dutch Connection league race scores & league cup winners

Gold league cup

Purple Mushrooms (Simon Harris) 86pts

Silver league cup

Blackpool3-Mercedes (Peter Latimer) 85pts

League flat tyre award

Sunday Wonder Boys (jonhairs) 26pts

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Purple Mushrooms Simon Harris 86
2nd Blackpool3-Mercedes Peter Latimer 85
3rd Tranquility Of Solitude Madjax 81
4th QC-Merc-Mc-Mag-Kv David Latimer 81
5th Yellow Belters Simon Harris 79
6th Blackpool1-Hamilton Peter Latimer 79
7th Peter s1 peter slater 77
8th QC-Ham-Mag-Mc-Alf David Latimer 77
9th Golden Rivets Simon Harris 75
10th Red 5 Uncle Frank 74
11th Chelsea F1 Uncle Frank 74
12th My Friends All Drive Porsches Dave Slater 74
13th Ross-KimiDaniilMercHaas Ross McWilliam 74
14th Yeolmbridge Woodburners jonhairs 73
15th Mad H Uncle Frank 73
16th Sensi-Smile OWEN 73
17th The Dark side TREVOR 73
19th White Widow OWEN 72
20th Silver lightning Gslater 72
21st flavored2 Rene Hoogvliet 70
22nd flavored1 Rene Hoogvliet 69
23rd flavored3 Rene Hoogvliet 69
24th ChickenChasers NelsonPK 68
25th Persian Sprockets Madjax 68
26th Double Dutch Dave Slater 68
27th Blackpool4-Ferrari Peter Latimer 68
28th Cresent Dawn Gslater 66
29th Rockwell Racers jonhairs 65
30th Point Brake Dave Slater 64
31st Barret Dave 62
32nd QC-Ver-Snz-RP-Alf David Latimer 62
33rd Dark Watch Gslater 62
34th KimiKvytMercHaas BizarreIsBack 62
35th Hairpin Danh84 62
36th TinksGP1 Tinksgp 62
37th TinksGP3 Tinksgp 62
38th Tifa Dave 61
39th Pink Trombones Simon Harris 61
40th flavored4 Rene Hoogvliet 61
41st Drip Of A Tap Madjax 60
42nd LewiKubiRacyAlfa BizarreIsBack 59
43rd Prancing Horses Dave Slater 58
44th Pslater3 peter slater 57
45th Snowman OWEN 57
46th M-R-H Danh84 57
47th Red XIII Dave 56
48th Blackpool5-Leclerc Peter Latimer 55
49th Pslater2 peter slater 54
50th flavored5 Rene Hoogvliet 54
51st LiftonBaldyOldies NelsonPK 53
52nd Maximo-KvyatAntonioRedbullRenault Ross McWilliam 53
53rd Tigger-Oggy OWEN 52
54th Teddywestside Danh84 52
55th Uncle Frank Uncle Frank 51
56th QC-LeC-Gas-Tor-Will David Latimer 51
57th Aerith Dave 50
58th B-52 OWEN 50
59th Maximo-KimiLanceFerrToro Ross McWilliam 50
60th Cloud Dave 49
61st QC-Vet-Raik-H-Mc David Latimer 49
62nd Beer Drinkers TREVOR 48
63rd Wiiings Dave Slater 48
64th Fastcircuit Beverley 47
65th VillaVangelis@Lefkada Madjax 47
66th CharlieKimiHaasMcLaren BizarreIsBack 47
67th Vangeli Uncle Frank 46
68th NelsonPK NelsonPK 44
69th Red Roosters Simon Harris 44
70th MaxiKimiReniWilli BizarreIsBack 44
71st Globe Trotters TREVOR 44
72nd Lanson jonhairs 42
73rd Broadwoodwidger jonhairs 42
74th DerekBellend NelsonPK 42
75th Blackpool2-Vettel Peter Latimer 42
76th TinksGP5 Tinksgp 42
77th Bullseye TREVOR 41
78th Ross-KimiDanielRacingHaas Ross McWilliam 41
79th Hairbrained Danh84 41
80th TinksGP4 Tinksgp 40
81st A Nine Oak Razz! Madjax 39
82nd TinksGP6 Tinksgp 36
83rd Sebcarloshassalpha BizarreIsBack 32
84th Hair of the dog Danh84 32
85th RedBullWilli NelsonPK 27
86th Sunday Wonder Boys jonhairs 26