Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - United Arab Emirates Grand Prix league race scores

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cjgibbins league race scores & league cup winners

Gold league cup

Meta Marvels (Oggy) 72pts

Silver league cup

Andylanjosh (Davita) 70pts

Clark 5L (Dibble) 70pts

Dib 4 Wheels (Dibble) 70pts

Bronze league cup

Davita (Davita) 69pts

League flat tyre award

Burgess RC (davval49) 39pts

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Meta Marvels Oggy 72
2nd Andylanjosh Davita 70
3rd Clark 5L Dibble 70
4th Dib 4 Wheels Dibble 70
5th Davita Davita 69
6th Helliwell RC davval49 64
7th Conghurst Racing Oggy 63
8th Gozian GEORGE 63
9th Scorpio GEORGE 62
10th Robros F1 Robert 62
11th melita GEORGE 59
12th Top Cat Dibble 59
13th TRC2019 davval49 57
14th Andclsal Oggy 53
15th Robin Hood F1 racing team Robert 53
16th Powell F1 Robert 49
17th Thomasasha Davita 43
18th Burgess RC davval49 39