Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - United Arab Emirates Grand Prix league race scores

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Formula sausage league race scores & league cup winners

Gold league cup

Itchy Bitchy Witches (Thebitchywitch) 62pts

Silver league cup

Olive ***** (DeanoPiano) 61pts

Bronze league cup

Vino collapso (Janeci5) 59pts

League flat tyre award

Goodruck Sports Fans (Goodruck) 38pts

Willysausage (Willysausages) 38pts

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Itchy Bitchy Witches Thebitchywitch 62
2nd Olive ***** DeanoPiano 61
3rd Vino collapso Janeci5 59
4th Hot Regs Rutger hot regs 54
5th team lawless jimbob 44
6th Sausage Central Timose 40
7th Goodruck Sports Fans Goodruck 38
8th Willysausage Willysausages 38