Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - Great Britain Grand Prix league race scores

The League of 11 Amateurs and 1 Pro league race scores & league cup winners

Gold league cup

Megahoops (TYREDOUT999) 120pts

Silver league cup

Big Bucks Under the Bonnet (jante) 119pts

Bronze league cup

Andy's Mega (abaird) 114pts

League flat tyre award

Vote4Brexit (Richard Baird) 6pts

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Megahoops TYREDOUT999 120
2nd Big Bucks Under the Bonnet jante 119
3rd Andy's Mega abaird 114
4th Wheelie Expensive Henessey_Venom 103
5th FullyCooked Richard Baird 83
6th Hopewell Hazard TYREDOUT999 63
7th Andy's Aces abaird 63
8th Andrew's best Guesses abaird 58
9th Sunday Best jante 47
10th Superhoops TYREDOUT999 43
11th Wheelie Winners Henessey_Venom 41
12th Predictahoop TYREDOUT999 40
13th Tortoise and Hare Racing jante 40
14th EuroSuperStars Richard Baird 32
15th Langshot Losers abaird 26
16th UnPredictable Richard Baird 24
17th Sunday Drivers Going Round in Circles jante 24
18th Wheelie Rubbish Henessey_Venom 10
19th Vote4Brexit Richard Baird 6