Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

2018 France Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

Cup winners

Gold cup

flavored2 (Rene Hoogvliet) 94pts

Silver cup

Double Dutch (Dave Slater) 90pts

Bronze cup

B-52 (OWEN) 89pts

Flat tyre award

Twin Towers @ Mercedes (IReadyGers@Ibrox) 2pts

Prediction medal winners

There are no gold prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Horace Minor (MS Racing)

Lanson (jonhairs)

Marko's Retro Gamer Destroyers (markopoloman)

My name? Yes, it is Bren-don Hartley (Lee O)

Golden Rivets (Simon Harris)

Elgin Racers FTW (Elgin_McQueen)

Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person (Crash)

Silver (Romario)

Cannot be worse than last year (Silvergunner)

jahf1 (Alexander)

Melita (GEORGE)

Monster Racing (sgillespieuk)

Blackpool2HamiSainToroHaas (Peter Latimer)

Broadwoodwidger (jonhairs)

Sunday Wonder Boys (jonhairs)

Yeolmbridge Warriors (jonhairs)

Tibre (sudhirtibrewal)

R-A****** (kernow_rail)

Tuam Racing (Lefty47)

GJones1199 (BBS0320)

Hairpin (Danh84)

Purple Mushrooms (Simon Harris)

Mercohulk (selohmub)

Speedy-Rog1 (Roger Cockerham)

Tidus (Dave)

Fang (Dave)

Snow (Dave)

Flintstone 2 (Flintstone)

Classical chasers (lynne)

vriendelijke groet (ben10racing)

Sainz Baked Beans Jnr (Ross Gylby)

Hammer Time (Dave Slater)

What Are Ya? Yob Or Gesticulator (MatchstickMan)

Maximo's Monsters (Ross McWilliam)

Logan's Loonies (Ross McWilliam)

Toad Racing (MattSimpson)

Lewis haas the speed (AlexC)

Could Lewis win title No 5 & me the league? (MSM)

Robbo's Road Rockets (robbo)

The AD Team (Martin_Brumble)

Early Retirement (Clive Loynes)

Citroen C6 (lnk1)

QC-MH-Alo-Eric (David Latimer)

Get in there Lewis - and win me a championship! (Mr T)

Oh Ricc'y your so fine - go Ricc'y (Mr T)

Clark 5 (Kelly Dibble)

CrashBangWallop (RedDawn)

Liz's team Lewis (JB4me)

I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK (Crash)

Can you hear the drums? (Harri Newton)

Giz'a Gobble F1 (Spadge)

Snowman (OWEN)

F1 BEARS (McBear)

Martini Women Drivers (Gslater)

RONStopable on the Lo(o)se 1 (RedBaRON)