Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

2018 Japan Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

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Cup winners

Flat tyre award

Twin Towers @ Mercedes (IReadyGers@Ibrox) 9pts

Prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Alba Gu Brath (ggillespieuk )

Marko's Retro Gamer Destroyers (markopoloman)

Show em Valteri (valerie)

Wapping Dick (Batchman)

Scumbag & Mercedes (Lee O)

LHW2 (LHW_Flyers)

Magic Cat's Racing 1 (Katzkatz)

Sunday Drivers Going Round in Circles (jante)

Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person (Crash)

Silver (Romario)

Unemployed Grid Girls GP Racing (roar)

And they are off!!! (Harri Newton)

I don't have any other Fantasy Team Names 2 (supermariorp)

Slim 47 (Slim 47)

jahf1 (Alexander)

TAGHonda (selohmub)

Gozian (GEORGE)

Monster Racing (sgillespieuk)

Tim's Titans (Tim Rees)

Tim's Trumps (Tim Rees)

Blackpool4VersPereToroHaas (Peter Latimer)

Brawn Crackers (Javid Winsmore)

The Dark side (TREVOR)

Beer Drinkers (TREVOR)

Guinness Geniuses (Chris Godridge)

You Bet My Haas (PenelopePitstop)

Pink Trombones (Simon Harris)

lostboy (lostboy)

ChudsHaasBull (BizarreIsBack)

Just Racing (silverflash)

Bush did 9/11 (PitStopVroomVrom)

Double Dutch (Dave Slater)

Prancing Horses (Dave Slater)

Wild Horses (Gslater)

Cresent Dawn (Gslater)

Martini Women Drivers (Gslater)

Mix-Ed Motors (Tom 2019)

Swapsies (Tom 2019)

RONStopable on the Lo(o)se (RedBaRON)

Chase That 'Tache (neilsutton)

Brow Beaten by Bratches (neilsutton)

Ross' Rebels (Ross McWilliam)

Maximo's Monsters (Ross McWilliam)

Logan's Loonies (Ross McWilliam)

Toad Racing (MattSimpson)

Lewis and a [hopefully] improved McLaren (cool_driver)

Robbo's Road Rage ;) (robbo)

Mercedes broken again (james)

Powered by clockwork (Craigsbeard)

Get in there Lewis - and win me a championship! (Mr T)

RiccGrosMcLarenRenault (Mr T)

Valtteri & Fernando - my team's fate lies in your hands! (Mr T)

Maddog04 (MaddogRacing)

A wild card selection (Spanner)

CrashBangWallop (RedDawn)

Halo, Halo, Halo (GridGirl)

SO Tyred! (GridGirl)

Hedged (GridGirl)

I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK (Crash)

Abu Dhabi Doo 2 (Paul Jones)

Massive Idiots (Slim 47)

Entente Cordiale (PenelopePitstop)

Allez! (PenelopePitstop)

SpammySpam (spammyspam)

Barry Stanton tribute team (playzooki)

ChudsGoTeam (BizarreIsBack)

Go for it George (lynne)

My Friends All Drive Porsches (Dave Slater)

Max V - Alonso - Renault - Haas (MSM)

Seb won the league for me last year - can he do it again! (MSM)

Tigger’s Terrors (Karen)

If this team is low in the league-then its gone horribly wrong (Armcheerf1fan)

Pea One (GridGirl)