Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Great Britain Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

It's here! The Fantasy Formula E 2019-20 season is now open. Visit and enter your Fantasy Formula E 2019-20 team at the Fantasy Formula E website today.

Cup winners

Gold cup

Dib 4 Wheels (Dibble) 98pts

Flat tyre award

Amblosers (ambroid77) 1pts

Prediction medal winners

There are no gold prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Predictahoop (TYREDOUT999)

Marko's Canteen of Retro (markopoloman)

Tunni 2 (gjones1199)

Kinda Lingers (BarbaricAvatar)

Mika Hakkinen (BarbaricAvatar)

Casey's Commanders (caseys5)

Mair points (saucerboonie)

Adam (adams)

flavored1 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored5 (Rene Hoogvliet)

Clark 5L (Dibble)

Speedy Sam A (SpeedySam)

Speedy Sam B (SpeedySam)

F.A.S.T (NickC)

Taroni_F1 (Ad Taroni)

Nick Bells (Nick Stuart Bell)

White Widow (OWEN)

Kernow GB (ESTRON)

Scania (ESTRON)

Spijk Racing (ESTRON)

Keep on Trucking (ESTRON)

MSM - Young (Verstap) & Old (Kimi) Mc for a Racing [Point] Team (MSM)

Kubica Bottas Haas Renault(no messing=no fancy team names here!) (Billy_no_mates)

Norris,Leclerc,Wllms,Merc (Bazinga!=no fancy names here!) (Billy_no_mates)

Ham, Kubica, Rcng P, Torro (cant be a*sed to make fancy name!) (Billy_no_mates)

Split Second (mull3331)

Bexley Challenge SMB (SpearheadF1)

KimiKvytMercHaas (BizarreIsBack)

Pop's Podium Posers (robbo's missus)

Clueless (Wendles)

Seb's "LINA" and Meaner ! (robbo's missus)

Teddywestside (Danh84)

some cars (playzooki)

Blackpool3-Mercedes (Peter Latimer)

Blackpool4-Ferrari (Peter Latimer)

Lewis haas Kumbac to win (AlexC)

Lewis is my boy - with the Sauber (sorry Alpha-R!) (cool_driver)

Can Lewis win title #6 and make me a winner too (cool_driver)

Team MB (Martin_Brumble)

Team Jenson [just cos' the wife loves Jenson!!] (Martin_Brumble)

Shallow (PsychoAtom)

Burberry & Bottega Veneta (GridGirl)

Cavallo Nero (GridGirl)

Ooh Betty! (Crash)

AeroDynamix (Desperados Dom)

A Nine Oak Razz! (Madjax)

Muchen Taxi (selohmub)

Giovan,Mag,Red Bull,Renault {Bosh!= no messing with names here!) (Billy_no_mates)

ProDragons Twitch Team (ProDragonfire)