Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

2022 Australian Grand Prix Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

Cup winners

Silver cup

Not The Comfy Seat (RustyBoots) 104pts

Flat tyre award

Mexfan (Acme86) 14pts

Prediction medal winners

There are no gold prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Reciprocating Saw (kernow_rail)

BLM Racing (bluelionman)

Force Oranje Racing (bluelionman)

Andclasal (Oggy)

Ritavid (Davita)

Sharp Racing (Matthew)

Alan Tudyk (BarbaricAvatar)

Oh No, My Team, It's Winning (Smile Always)

Better than all the rest (MrsJones)

Burley's bodgers (BurleyBear)

I'll take a macaroni please Edgar (pmclean87)

The Hare & The Tortoise (GridGirl)

TRC 2022 (davval49)

We Went Car Racing (Dan Abrey)

The Mercurials (cool_driver)

Midfielders who might be mighty (cool_driver)

Monster > Red Bull (delstone)


Sai-Gas-Alpine-Alpha R (aka Sainz above) (MSM)

Bang Bang [L] (Armcheerf1fan)

Billy's losers #1 (Billy_no_mates)

Billy's losers #2 (Billy_no_mates)

Billy's predictions (Billy_no_mates)

I've brumbled myself a load of clonkers! (Martin_Brumble)

Brumbling Heck - my predictions nearly came true! (Martin_Brumble)

Williams boys (Uncle Frank)

Golden Rivets (Simon Harris)

RONstopable winning mood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (RedBaRON)

Its always sunny in Turra (Gasmanie)

flavored1 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored3 (Rene Hoogvliet)

Crescent Dawn (Gslater)

You see me stroll-ing (Lydia Smith)

Wiiings (Dave Slater)

Purposeful Porpoise (neilsutton)

Flawed Floors (neilsutton)

Steel Rims (neilsutton)

QC-Ver-Oco-AT-Haas (David Latimer)

QC-Ver-Gas-AM-Alfa (David Latimer)

Making Up the Numbers (SpiderMonkey)

The wheels are off again 2022 (davet)

Brooklands (Beverley)

Tom's Team Twenty Twenty-Two (Tom 2023)

Scuderia Ferrari (Scuderia Ferrari)

QRQ3 (LHW_Flyers)

Ham-Oco-Aston M-Alpha R (aka Hammer Time) (MSM)


tyrrell 63 (Jim Clark)

Larry nandos (Lydia Smith)