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Team Owner - JohnNelson

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Bronze cup Bronze prediction medal Bronze prediction medal Bronze prediction medal

Unlocked secret achievements

But it wouldn't be a secret if we told you what secret achievements JohnNelson had unlocked!


Pick a world championship driver Turbo Disharmony Sound 2022 FF1GP Manager Spend it all Faith in the backmarkers Italian Turbo Quartetto Sound


Fernando Alonso fanbadge Aston Martin-Mercedes fanbadge Lando Norris fanbadge Mick Schumacher fanbadge Red Bull Racing fanbadge Alfa Romeo-Ferrari fanbadge

2022 teams

Docjonel Racing 1

Owner: JohnNelson
Current score: 861pts  Score Breakdown

Docjonel Racing 2

Owner: JohnNelson
Current score: 820pts  Score Breakdown