Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - United Arab Emirates Grand Prix league race scores

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The DIGA league race scores & league cup winners

Silver league cup

MSM - On a Slow Road to Loserville 2019 (MSM) 82pts

Bronze league cup

Cool Driver loser team (cool_driver) 80pts

League flat tyre award

Armie's Losers (Armcheerf1fan) 24pts

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st MSM - 'Get in there Lewis' 2019 MSM 86
2nd Perez,Ricc,Willms,Red Bull (Futang=No BSing fancy names here!) Billy_no_mates 86
3rd MSM - On a Slow Road to Loserville 2019 MSM 82
4th Cool Driver loser team cool_driver 80
5th Can Lewis win title #6 and make me a winner too cool_driver 79
6th I spent 35 million & just got this bunch of losers Mr T 76
7th MSM - Young (Verstap) & Old (Kimi) Mc for a Racing [Point] Team MSM 75
8th MMM = Midfielders who Might be Mighty 2019 cool_driver 74
9th Got to go for the Brits Britastic1 74
10th Team MB Martin_Brumble 73
11th Team Jenson [just cos' the wife loves Jenson!!] Martin_Brumble 73
12th Kubica Bottas Haas Renault(no messing=no fancy team names here!) Billy_no_mates 72
13th Armie's Winners Armcheerf1fan 71
14th The Mercurials 2019 MSM 67
15th MSM - Nico & Danii drive like they have Alpha Red B*llocks MSM 66
16th Lewis is my boy - with the Sauber (sorry Alpha-R!) cool_driver 60
17th Vettel to be victorious cool_driver 58
18th Seb & Kimi (awesome) with a hopefully improved McLaren Mr T 49
19th Giovan,Mag,Red Bull,Renault {Bosh!= no messing with names here!) Billy_no_mates 46
20th Norris,Leclerc,Wllms,Merc (Bazinga!=no fancy names here!) Billy_no_mates 46
21st I love Williams - hate that they are so rubbish right now Britastic1 46
22nd My first foray into the LOSE League - maybe my last!! Martin_Brumble 45
23rd Strolling along with Norris - Haas you seen that Red Bull? Billy_no_mates 25
24th Armie's Losers Armcheerf1fan 24