Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 'FF1GP Want to lose' league scores

  • Description: All `Want to Lose` teams are automatically entered in this league
  • Allowed team types: Want to lose
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Sunday Drivers Going Round in Circles jante 1389
2nd The Stroll Renault Force India Stoffel Sundae Billy_no_mates 1325
3rd Oh No! - vic hok dougf1 1289
4th You snooze - you lose! Billy_no_mates 1230
5th The wheels are staying on davet 1207
6th RONStopable on the Lo(o)se 1 RedBaRON 1186
7th RONStopable on the Lo(o)se RedBaRON 1185
8th Back markers allan 1183
9th Langshott Losers abaird 1179
10th Stroll home Lance valerie 1174
11th Please stop! Malvolioh 1174
12th Flammy's Losers Flammy's Flyers 1174
13th My name? Yes, it is Bren-don Hartley Lee O 1171
14th AlcudiaF1losers joseb 1157
15th Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall TUK F1 1157
16th Down in one Aladins78 1156
17th Cornish Follies knight errant 1148
18th Farolillo Team Adrian 1145
19th On a slow road to Loserville MSM 1131
20th Don't make me sick - AGAIN! Billy_no_mates 1108
21st Don't make me sick 2018 Billy_no_mates 1087
22nd I hope Ive made an effing decent choice- she says with a chuckle Effing Fiona 1081
23rd Wheelie Losers Henessey_Venom 1051
24th All I got for 35 million was this bunch of losers Billy_no_mates 1048
25th Black Romario 1035
26th Driverless cars TYREDOUT999 1028
27th A wild card selection Spanner 1009
28th Seldom employed grid boys GP Racing roar 993
29th Grey Romario 991
30th Sideways Action Superstars MatchstickMan 972
31st HardExits Richard Baird 945
32nd LHW-QRP LHW_Flyers 897
33rd ManToLoose Kitauto 870
34th BWOAH Dear btg_97 862
35th El Angel Charcutero 2 Daniel2017 830
36th What Are Ya? Yob Or Gesticulator MatchstickMan 827
37th DaenerysLand Guillem 794
38th Saracen GP Bedsbiker 790
39th BWOAH No btg_97 787
40th NevaLozen2 Honeycomb 776
41st also rans jamer 772
42nd Eddie Jordan's Band Lewisham ilton 752
43rd Witcat Losers Witcat 744
44th RONStopable in Winning Mood RedBaRON 681
45th Pete's frozen rods Pete (Brammers) 674
46th Radpackdowner Brett Radford 514
47th majorsees2 Andrew Doncaster 454
48th Twin Towers @ Mercedes IReadyGers@Ibrox 317
49th Crawling Tartaruga Raimundo Nonato 274