Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 'FF1GP Mega Budget' league scores

  • Description: All 'Mega Budget' teams are automatically entered in this league
  • Allowed team types: Mega budget
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Eye Eye Eye TUK F1 2090
2nd Thunderbird Triumph 2078
3rd We are the Knights who say “Ni” Crash 2077
4th Gold Romario 2064
5th Thought I would give you a chance TYREDOUT999 2058
6th RONStopable are going Mega RedBaRON 2057
7th Trail blazers valerie 2046
8th All The Stations Ta Uan F1 2043
9th Ham-Sandwich LGF1 2040
10th Welsh Wizards 2 wrecsamdraig 2037
11th Clear winners allan 2034
12th Ham-Burger LGF1 2029
13th Mexico Max TUK F1 2027
14th Big Bucks under the Bonnet jante 2025
15th Mistborn Racing sgillespieuk 2025
16th Royal Purple Romario 2022
17th Fireant sparks Fireant Sparks 2022
18th Pikachu PsychoAtom 2022
19th And now for something completely different Crash 2015
20th Alonso you don't break down again Lee O 2012
21st Andys Mega! abaird 2003
22nd Ham and Cheese LGF1 2000
23rd Tea Fo C Vetttel Ta Uan F1 1996
24th Ash F1 ASHJ 1996
25th Pisces Oggy 1991
26th RobinhoodF1 Robert 1991
27th Mega Tron dougf1 1989
28th Mistborn Assasin ggillespieuk 1978
29th RAYS F1 RAYS F1 1977
30th BILLY F1 BILLAJI 1976
31st RAYSF7 RAYS F1 1974
32nd Danica Does Donington neilsutton 1968
33rd Flintstone Flintstone 1960
34th A Touch Of Cost MatchstickMan 1959
35th Gyrados PsychoAtom 1952
36th Kersplatski BarbaricAvatar 1951
37th Grown to the Max LGF1 1930
38th Senna Conspiracy Theory FC PitStopVroomVrom 1925
39th Marky Marky spinneypj 1923
40th MMT Racing Team Davita 1922
41st Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Crash 1921
42nd Beer-Garden LGF1 1920
43rd LHW-QRO LHW_Flyers 1919
44th race to win Geisler44 1918
45th AZZ F1 AZZ69 1917
46th I have five wheels stig davet 1915
47th Fancy a Curry Ta Uan F1 1913
48th Guinness Geniuses Mega Chris Godridge 1912
49th Giant Racing sgillespieuk 1909
50th DSLR sirbobby 1885
51st RAYS F179 RAYS F1 1872
52nd charlie3 charlie1 1866
53rd PK2018LongTerm puneeth 1865
54th Wheelie Expensive Henessey_Venom 1864
55th Humber Dolphins goodmeister 1864
56th Ladies Bicycle Ta Uan F1 1863
57th Dibble Devils Dibble 1861
58th Derrin's Racers Elad1962 1855
59th Tigers Maclarry 1852
60th kp raiders blackly 1849
61st Pisces2 Oggy2 1849
62nd Win For Ferrari Rajalakshmi 1845
63rd Devine Drivers jazzyd 1834
64th Flap and Panic Racing Tiffer 1834
65th Bleeders Arrows Bleeders Arrows 1834
66th Davith Racing Team Davita 1829
67th Witcat Racing Witcat 1822
68th Probably not mcross57 1822
69th Gold plated toilet Malvolioh 1822
70th NevaLozen Honeycomb 1822
71st Team Demo dazvr6 1821
72nd F1 gas F1gas 1818
73rd Super Space Cab Tregadillett 1817
74th second string Geisler44 1813
75th Last of the Summer Wine Ta Uan F1 1811
76th majorsees 3 Andrew Doncaster 1808
77th Hammers all-stars Adrian 1804
78th Silver Arrow ggillespieuk 1801
79th RAYSF38 RAYS F1 1797
80th charlie2 charlie1 1795
81st Mana Engineering Mana. 1794
82nd Driven to Success Mark Jones 1791
83rd Team Crazy Ronald 1783
84th BWOAH Flyers btg_97 1763
85th Never Say Forsaken Winners(NSFW) beeno 1759
86th Pete's Mega rods Pete (Brammers) 1756
87th BigBucks Lefty47 1750
88th Godders mega budget gamble goddersgamble 1744
89th Legends Too Posh 1742
90th SingoF1Mega stevesingo 1737
91st Radpack un Brett Radford 1720
92nd RAYS F17 RAYS F1 1715
93rd WKD racing Keith1322 1694
94th Fin in a Sauna TUK F1 1690
95th oliver Alexander 1658
96th Finns ain't what they used to be Chris Godridge 1658
97th kp races blackly 1657
98th wecanwin blackly 1652
99th skidmark 1 skidmark 1648
100th great aces jeffdettori 1634
101st Boman Mozza36 1626
102nd newton and me newton and me 1617
103rd TT avengers Aladins78 1600
104th notagain blackly 1539
105th Aye Ready 'Gers 1872 IReadyGers@Ibrox 1532
106th yesssss blackly 1524
107th TaxBill Richard Baird 1501
108th Blackamber naughty Ben M 1482
109th Team Crazy A team Ronald 1473
110th El Angel Charcutero 3 Daniel2017 1437
111st Aesgarth2 Aesgarth 1387
112nd MadBoB madbob 1380
113rd Button or bust Alex Clarke 1365
114th Dells Boys Mark Bodell 1358
115th alonso racing js_ah 1349
116th Speedy GoNando 1344
117th ALDAVA87 Alberto87 1337
118th meandnewton newton and me 1184
119th Some nags Jewhoo 1161
121st Lollies and deckchairs. Hamiltonians 967
122nd Crash and bash Hamiltonians 932
123rd Mr T's B Team Gordy 737
125th The Mighty Tuiuiú Raimundo Nonato 433
126th sffdsfdsfdsfdsfdsdfsfds FF1GP Admin 423
127th LewisHamilton44 RTP 183