Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Official RetroCanteen league scores

League Champion Gold Cup 2018

Wizz Jizard

Final score: 1327pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Silver Cup 2018

Cannot be worse than last year

Owner: Silvergunner
Final score: 1301pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Bronze Cup 2018

Marko's Retro Gamer Destroyers

Owner: markopoloman
Final score: 1276pts  Score Breakdown

League Flat Tyre Champion 2018

Ambroids 3rd army

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 785pts  Score Breakdown
  • Description: Retro Canteen THE best Forum for everything!
  • No. of teams: A maximum of 3 FF1GP teams per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win
  • League cups are awarded to players in this league.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Wizz Jizard BarbaricAvatar 1327
2nd Cannot be worse than last year Silvergunner 1301
3rd Marko's Retro Gamer Destroyers markopoloman 1276
4th some cars playzooki 1259
5th Magic Cat's Racing 1 Katzkatz 1239
6th Crusty the Clownfish :) CrustySarfish 1232
7th David Coulthard's Chin BenWilson 1231
8th I don't have any other Fantasy Team Names 2 supermariorp 1224
9th Honda to win Silvergunner 1218
10th Halo's are for Wimps BarbaricAvatar 1214
11th Kinda Lingers BarbaricAvatar 1207
12th Elgin Racers Outside Chance Elgin_McQueen 1182
13th I don't have any other Fantasy Team Names supermariorp 1180
14th Don’t take yourself out Silvergunner 1166
15th Barry Stanton tribute team playzooki 1157
16th Arc of a Diver Hiro 1123
17th bwoah playzooki 1118
18th Cameron Diaz Fan Club supermariorp 1109
19th Marko's Retro Canteen Squad markopoloman 1107
20th Marko's Retro Racers markopoloman 1104
21st Nigel Mansell's Tache BenWilson 1095
22nd Thirteen Wild Benches Hiro 1087
23rd Ambroids 2nd Army ambroid77 1085
24th Magic Cat's Racing 2 Katzkatz 1084
25th Mika Häkkinen's long pause BenWilson 1083
26th Magic Cat's Racing 3 Katzkatz 1075
27th Honda to make McLaren look Stooopid! Ambroid 1071
28th Elgin Racers FTW Elgin_McQueen 1064
29th Ambroids Army ambroid77 1046
30th Chocolate Starfish CrustySarfish 1045
31st Elgin Racers Also Rans Elgin_McQueen 1021
32nd Spongebob ate my Starfish CrustySarfish 1003
33rd Hamilton can crash if he likes. Please. Ambroid 970
34th Ambroid's Merc Destroyers Ambroid 899
35th Just a Shadow Hiro 854
36th Ambroids 3rd army ambroid77 785