Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Ambrosia Formula 1 league scores

  • Description: Former factory workers
  • No. of teams: A maximum of 5 FF1GP teams per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win
  • League cups will be awarded in this league when 5 players have joined.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Crew 3 kernow_rail 1296
2nd Retirement kernow_rail 1250
3rd Making Compost kernow_rail 1235
4th Keep on Trucking ESTRON 1206
5th Spijk Racing ESTRON 1188
6th Trilgras flyers ESTRON 1162
7th Kernow GB ESTRON 1092
8th Scania ESTRON 1073
9th R-A****** kernow_rail 1001
10th Vegetable Garden kernow_rail 852