Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 'FF1GP Mega Budget' league scores

  • Description: All 'Mega Budget' teams are automatically entered in this league
  • Allowed team types: Mega budget
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st LHW_Flyers_QRO LHW_Flyers 2041
2nd RAYS F179 RAYS F1 2015
3rd Lovely jubbly! Crash 2015
4th Mega Hoops TYREDOUT999 2013
5th New Zealand F1 Rosalie 2009
6th RAYS F38 RAYS F1 1994
7th All The Stations Ta Uan F1 1989
8th Ham-Burger LGF1 1976
9th RONstopable Racing are going Mega RedBaRON 1971
10th Pisces Oggy 1970
11th Mexico Max TUK F1 1969
12th MMT Racing team Davita 1969
13th How very dare you! Crash 1965
14th Danica Does Donnington neilsutton 1964
15th SUE ZUKI RAYS F1 1963
16th Kersplatski BarbaricAvatar 1960
17th Big Bucks Under the Bonnet jante 1956
18th Guinness Geniuses Mega Chris Godridge 1949
19th Thunderbird Triumph 1946
20th Team Ash ASHJ 1944
21st Wheelie Expensive Henessey_Venom 1944
22nd Last of the Summer Wine Ta Uan F1 1938
23rd Mistborn Assasin ggillespieuk 1935
24th Super Space Cab Tregadillett 1931
25th KIM IL FIX IT LGF1 1930
26th Lewis, ‘‘tis I Leclerc valerie 1924
27th ERIC LGF1 1915
28th Fancy a Curry Ta Uan F1 1897
29th Davith Davita 1896
30th Gold Romario 1894
31st RAYS F17 RAYS F1 1891
32nd Ooh, you are awful ... but I like you! Crash 1891
33rd Flat Out Max MatchstickMan 1889
34th Top performers allan 1885
35th Need sleep zzz Macqueen95 1878
36th Bubbles of Wellness dougf1 1878
37th Team Billy BILLAJI 1877
38th RAYS F1 RAYS F1 1873
39th SteveSingoMegaF1 stevesingo 1873
40th Alpha Romeo & Juliet Lee O 1865
41st KIM CHIE LGF1 1858
42nd Godders mega budget gamble goddersgamble 1857
43rd Tea Fo C Vetttel Ta Uan F1 1855
44th ARMTW PsychoAtom 1850
45th ALLO ALLO, "It is I, Leclerc" Ta Uan F1 1847
46th Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall TUK F1 1847
47th LOKI MC ggillespieuk 1824
48th AlwaysWinning Richard Baird 1817
49th Team Mo beeno 1805
50th Monk2 brn_mnk 1805
51st Brexiteers Maclarry 1796
52nd Fin in a Sauna TUK F1 1795
53rd ASIB PsychoAtom 1791
54th Skidmark1 skidmark 1782
55th Andy's Mega abaird 1770
56th janpat1 pajan 1764
57th Nederland070 Nederland070 1756
58th Sam enchanted evening dougf1 1750
59th janpat3 pajan 1745
60th RAYS F 20 RAYS F1 1736
61st Radpack Mega Brett Radford 1735
62nd Toro Rosso Gylbyo Ross Gylby 1724
63rd KIM-CAR LGF1 1718
64th Demo Racing dazvr6 1711
65th Oswestry davval49 1711
66th FAST MOVERS fast movers 1699
67th I have 5 wheels davet 1698
68th jeffs mega jeffdettori 1692
69th George Russell in a tussle C.R.A.P 1689
70th Ambrich ambroid77 1681
71st Eye Eye Eye TUK F1 1674
72nd janpat2 pajan 1673
73rd Gas-DO! LGF1 1669
74th Heavenly sirbobby 1663
75th DeAngelis Forever Mark Jones 1662
76th Ladies Bicycle Ta Uan F1 1638
77th Thomas Kelly Dibble 1632
78th Playaway TUK F1 1631
79th Team Azz AZZ69 1618
80th R-tunez 17 K-er 1610
81st The Bunny Rabbits II Laura ireland 1605
82nd ALLO ALLO TUK F1 1589
83rd starting late sumo48 1568
84th MAV 62 mk v8 1536
85th Bram's Mega budget team Pete (Brammers) 1475
86th ryan1 pajan 1442
87th no chance now sumo48 1400
88th Fuentes Npmartin 1389
89th Aesgarth Aesgarth 1336
90th Dirty sluts Hamiltonians 1194
91st Some lame ponies Jewhoo 614
92nd G spot Gordy 583
93rd PFQ Racing teeder 96