Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 'FF1GP Mega Budget' league scores

  • Description: All 'Mega Budget' teams are automatically entered in this league
  • Allowed team types: Mega budget
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Eye Eye Eye TUK F1 1583
2nd Playaway TUK F1 1576
3rd Royal Purple Romario 1575
4th Megahoops TYREDOUT999 1571
5th Fun with Milk LGF1 1563.5
6th RONstopable are going Mega !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RedBaRON 1549
7th Mexico Max TUK F1 1548
8th Ham and Eggs TUK F1 1536.5
9th Kersplatski BarbaricAvatar 1535
10th Gold Romario 1529
11th pjs6t1 spinneypj 1522
12th MMT Racing Team Davita 1521
13th Electricity LGF1 1520
14th Ham and Garlic LGF1 1519
15th RAYS 38 RAYS F1 1499
16th Godders’ Mega team goddersgamble 1494
17th All The Stations Ta Uan F1 1482
18th Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall TUK F1 1480
19th Last of the Summer Wine Ta Uan F1 1475
20th Shoeeeee LGF1 1472.5
21st RAYS F1 RAYS F1 1462
22nd Mega shed dougf1 1457
23rd Beer and Wine LGF1 1453
24th Guinness Geniuses Mega Chris Godridge 1441
25th RAYS F 17 RAYS F1 1440.5
26th i have gold wheels 2022 davet 1439.5
27th Pisces Oggy 1431
28th LHW-QRO LHW_Flyers 1424
29th Max Mexico TUK F1 1422.5
30th lols hettah 1419
31st Danica Does Donington neilsutton 1415
32nd RAYS F20 RAYS F1 1411
33rd Robros RT Robert 1407
34th BSA C15 Triumph 1405
35th OswestryRC davval49 1404
36th Chris 3 speedychris 1397
37th P1 this time valerie 1396
38th Fancy a Curry Ta Uan F1 1395.5
39th harrys rustyw1974 1393
40th Contact Lenses LGF1 1383
41st Twiglets are tasty dougf1 1381
42nd Portway Kelly Dibble 1380
43rd Tea Fo C Vetttel Ta Uan F1 1376
44th Andy's Mega abaird 1373
45th Skidmark2 skidmark 1366
46th Tomjerry F! Robert 1365
47th Showstopper MatchstickMan 1345
= I don't believe it! Crash 1345
48th Kawasaki GTR 1400 Triumph 1336
= FatBoy F1 pjpj 1336
49th Mudlarks sirbobby 1332
50th Satomoto PsychoAtom 1329
51st Old Hamilton Racing Davita 1324
52nd Ladies Bicycle Ta Uan F1 1318.5
53rd I've started so I'll finish Crash 1314
54th SoapboxMGP tyregezzerjim 1313
55th Triumph Triumph 1309
56th Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into Crash 1308
57th thisismy3 hettah 1302
58th Megastars allan 1296.5
59th Wheelie Expensive Henessey_Venom 1295
60th Big Bucks Under the Bonnet jante 1288
61st SingoFOnce stevesingo 1270
62nd Sennarator PsychoAtom 1258
63rd RAYS F 7 RAYS F1 1252.5
64th Nikimomo PsychoAtom 1251
65th ALLO ALLO, "It is I, Perez" Ta Uan F1 1246.5
66th Bram's mega team Pete (Brammers) 1246
67th Avatar Maclarry 1221
68th Palmetto Rising JOHN3057 1219
69th imrich hettah 1215
70th Manseller PsychoAtom 1188.5
71st harrys2 rustyw1974 1169
72nd Piqueto PsychoAtom 1148.5
73rd DeAngelis Forever Mark Jones 1147.5
74th Points make Prizes Hamiltonians 1139
= Aesgarth pp Aesgarth 1139
75th Brenda 1 Kelly Dibble 1131
76th Demo Racing dazvr6 1022
77th Hentiesloop Hentie van As 991.5
78th Some donkeys Jewhoo 700.5
79th Teams and cookies FF1GP Admin 649