Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Baird's are back! league scores

  • Description: The Baird's are back!
  • No. of teams: A maximum of 4 teams per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win, Want to lose, Mega budget and Predictions Only
  • League cups will be awarded in this league when 5 players have joined.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Andy's Mega abaird 574
2nd Wheelie Expensive Henessey_Venom 485
3rd Big Bucks Under the Bonnet jante 472
4th Andy's Aces abaird 360
5th Andrew's best Guesses abaird 333
6th Sunday Best jante 323
7th Wheelie Winners Henessey_Venom 322
8th Langshot Losers abaird 206
9th Sunday Drivers Going Round in Circles jante 198
10th Wheelie Loosers Henessey_Venom 159