Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Score Breakdown for The best Mercedes team in the world

Team information

The best Mercedes team in the world

Owner: Mercedes
Current score: 52pts

Team was entered before the race in round 1 (Austrian Grand Prix)

Round 1 - Austria

Driver/Team S.Pos F.Pos R.Pts I.Pts Q.Pts FL.Pts Ht.Pts E.Pts DoD.Pts P.Pts Pts
Valtteri Bottas - Mercedes 1st 1st 25 - 6 - - 3 - 0 34
Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes 2nd 4th 12 - 6 - - - - 0 18
S.Pos Start Position
F.Pos Finish Position
R.Pts Race Points
I.Pts Improvement Points
D.Pts Dropback Points
Q.Pts Qualifying Points
FL.Pts Fastest Lap Points
SL.Pts Slowest Lap Points
Ht.Pts Hatrick Points
E.Pts Ego Points
DoD.Pts Driver of the day points
P.Pts Prediction Points
P.Pos Predicted Position
Pts Total Points