Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

2019 Spain Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

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Cup winners

Silver cup

Calrissian Racing (Phil Jupiler) 89pts

Bronze cup

Ooh Betty! (Crash) 88pts

Flat tyre award

NeverLoosen (Honeycomb) 5pts

Prediction medal winners

There are no gold prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Speedy Linz 2 (linz500)

Marko's Canteen of Retro (markopoloman)

Hopeful Henri (gjones1199)

Who? What ? Why? Where? When? (emmjaybee)

Lentoni Strappamutande (roar)

Next season’s winners? (allan)

Sharp Racing (Matthew)

As Travers (ggillespieuk )

Silver Arrows (ggillespieuk )

Pierre Magnussen (Harri Wadham)

Golden Rivets (Simon Harris)

Pistonbroke2 (Richard Price)

Persian Sprockets (Madjax)

Chelsea F1 (Uncle Frank)

Winnerz (Lefty47)

Does my helmet look big in this (James Fraser)

C.R.A.P Champions 2018 (Nick Bell)

QC-Ham-Mag-Mc-Alf (David Latimer)

QC-Merc-Mc-Mag-Kv (David Latimer)

Beer Drinkers (TREVOR)

MSM - 'Get in there Lewis' 2019 (MSM)

Silver lightning (Gslater)

MSM - On a Slow Road to Loserville 2019 (MSM)

MSM-Lewis is predictable, Sainz not so+Haas & Willms=who knows! (MSM)

Kubica Bottas Haas Renault(no messing=no fancy team names here!) (Billy_no_mates)

Ham, Kubica, Rcng P, Torro (cant be a*sed to make fancy name!) (Billy_no_mates)

Calrissian Racing (Phil Jupiler)

Stormlight Powered (sgillespieuk)

First And Last (MatchstickMan)

Robbo's Road Runners (robbo)

Robbo's Roadsters (robbo)

Hairbrained (Danh84)

some more cars (playzooki)

Blackpool1-Hamilton (Peter Latimer)

Lewis is my boy - with the Sauber (sorry Alpha-R!) (cool_driver)

Can Lewis win title #6 and make me a winner too (cool_driver)

Vettel to be victorious (cool_driver)

RedDawnRacing (RedDawn)

How many predictions will I miss this year? (RedDawn)

Middle of the Road (SpiderMonkey)

Ice Ice Baby (dougf1)

Hamilton’s hamster (jack.lander4)

Burgess RC (davval49)

Davita (Davita)

Pslater3 (peter slater)

F.A.S.T (NickC)

Chris is faster than you! (chris)

RONstopable Racing on the Lo(o)se 1 (RedBaRON)

Pop's Podium Posers (robbo's missus)