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Team Owner - abaird

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Bronze prediction medal Bronze league cup Silver league cup Bronze league cup Bronze league cup Silver prediction medal Bronze league cup Gold cup Silver league cup Bronze prediction medal Gold league cup

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But it wouldn't be a secret if we told you what secret achievements abaird had unlocked!


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Kevin Magnussen fanbadge Carlos Sainz, Jr. fanbadge Renault fanbadge Racing Point-Mercedes fanbadge Lance Stroll fanbadge Robert Kubica fanbadge Haas-Ferrari fanbadge Sebastian Vettel fanbadge Romain Grosjean fanbadge Mercedes fanbadge Red Bull-Honda fanbadge

2009 teams

Andrews A listers

Owner: abaird
Final score: 802pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton Teams: Toyota and Brawn GP

Andrews Accidental Aces

Owner: abaird
Final score: 822pts  Score Breakdown

Langshot Losers

Owner: abaird
Final score: 481pts  Score Breakdown