Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - United Arab Emirates Grand Prix league race scores

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The 'FF1GP Want to lose' league race scores

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Lentoni Strappamutande roar 92
2nd Got to be Williams gjones1199 86
3rd Perez,Ricc,Willms,Red Bull (Futang=No BSing fancy names here!) Billy_no_mates 86
4th MSM - On a Slow Road to Loserville 2019 MSM 82
5th RONstopable Racing on the Lo(o)se RedBaRON 80
6th Cool Driver loser team cool_driver 80
7th Oh no lapped again Mark Jones 79
8th Grey Romario 77
9th I spent 35 million & just got this bunch of losers Mr T 76
10th Kubica Bottas Haas Renault(no messing=no fancy team names here!) Billy_no_mates 72
11th The Lucky Losers Sam Weller 72
12th LostWheels Richard Baird 69
13th Not Like This beeno 64
14th Next season’s winners? allan 63
15th Stroll home Gasly valerie 58
16th I Like Toast BarbaricAvatar 52
17th The wheels are staying on 2019 davet 52
18th MAV 22 mk v8 50
19th RONstopable Racing on the Lo(o)se 1 RedBaRON 50
20th Black Romario 49
21st First And Last MatchstickMan 48
22nd Dinoco Macqueen95 48
23rd Giovan,Mag,Red Bull,Renault {Bosh!= no messing with names here!) Billy_no_mates 46
24th Norris,Leclerc,Wllms,Merc (Bazinga!=no fancy names here!) Billy_no_mates 46
25th I love Williams - hate that they are so rubbish right now Britastic1 46
26th My first foray into the LOSE League - maybe my last!! Martin_Brumble 45
27th Amblosers ambroid77 42
28th Sunday Drivers Going Round in Circles jante 42
29th Unhooped TYREDOUT999 38
30th Cornish Follies knight errant 37
31st Banana Man dougf1 33
32nd The wheels are coming off 2019 davet 30
33rd Brn-lose brn_mnk 29
34th Richrockets silvester 29
35th Bram's Frozen Rods Pete (Brammers) 28
36th LHW-QRP LHW_Flyers 28
37th Strolling along with Norris - Haas you seen that Red Bull? Billy_no_mates 25
38th Langshot Losers abaird 25
39th Wheelie Loosers Henessey_Venom 24
40th Armie's Losers Armcheerf1fan 24
41st Killer Kyvat Crashing Cars Lee O 17
42nd NeverLoosen Honeycomb 17
43rd NeverLoosen2 Honeycomb 14
44th ryan2 pajan 7