Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix - United Arab Emirates Grand Prix league race scores

Cap1ta Racing Appreciation Party league race scores & league cup winners

Gold league cup

Montoya Python (Geoff K) 48pts

There are no flat tyre league award winners

Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Montoya Python Geoff K 48
2nd What would Maldonado Do? Geoff K 40
3rd I Bottas Win The Championship This Year Lee O 0
4th Stroll Into The Barriers Lee O 0
5th F1 FANTASY CHAMPION 2019/20 (also knows more then Lee about F1) James Fraser 0
6th slags James Fraser 0
7th C.R.A.P Champions 2018 Nick Bell 0
8th C.R.A.P Champions 2018 - 2nd Team Nick Bell 0
9th I AM NICK BELL! Nick Stuart Bell 0
10th I AM STILL NICK BELL! Nick Stuart Bell 0
11th Corona 500 GrahamA 0
12th And the Haas you rode in on! GrahamA 0
13th Lewis Hamilton is glorious PinkOlay 0
14th Software is better than tech. PinkOlay 0
15th Sim Simma CHARISBAILEY 0
16th Who Took the Keys to My Beamer CHARISBAILEY 0