Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

RetroCanteen F1 league scores

  • Description: Retro Canteen members (and others)...
  • No. of teams: A maximum of 3 FF1GP teams per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win
  • League cups are awarded to players in this league.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Mika Hakkinen BarbaricAvatar 346
2nd I don't have any other fantasy team names supermariorp 343
3rd You have hit a wall Macqueen95 314
4th Honda is finally quick Silvergunner 310
5th some more cars playzooki 298
6th Elgin Ain't Got A Chance Elgin_McQueen 296
7th Budski Milton 287
8th Kinda Lingers BarbaricAvatar 282
9th SazNEddie Macqueen95 281
10th Arc of a Diver Hiro 278
11th even more cars playzooki 273
12th East of Eden Hiro 268
13th Throw an Egg at Corbyn markopoloman 266
14th Crusty's Rusty Star CrustySarfish 264
15th some cars playzooki 262
16th Max and anger management Silvergunner 260
17th Seb don’t crash Silvergunner 258
18th Marko's Canteen of Retro markopoloman 249
19th Marko's retro Racers markopoloman 248
20th Retro Gamer's Crusty Starfish * CrustySarfish 243
21st To the End of the Earth Hiro 242
22nd Milton Milton 241
23rd Ambroidians ambroid77 231
24th Pitstop blunders ambroid77 231
25th Elgin Risktakers Elgin_McQueen 228
26th Cameron Diaz Fan Club supermariorp 222
27th Eddie Milton 218
28th anyone but lewis to win greg paige 217
29th Halo's are for Wimps BarbaricAvatar 215
30th Ed Sake Macqueen95 215
31st Crusty the Clownfish CrustySarfish 191
32nd Elgin Engines Elgin_McQueen 179
33rd Four sticky black circles ambroid77 163