Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 'FF1GP Want to lose' league scores

  • Description: All `Want to Lose` teams are automatically entered in this league
  • Allowed team types: Want to lose
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Wheelie Rubbish Henessey_Venom 25
2nd Wheelie Loosers Henessey_Venom 26
3rd Fartypants BarbaricAvatar 60
= Falling Stone MatchstickMan 60
4th Loserville - Population: Me Guy 65
5th Last but not least gjones1199 68
6th GTs P20 Gordy 70
7th Oh no lapped again! Mark Jones 72
8th MB Losers Martin_Brumble 75
9th Lothian F1 Team Y2Kev5 76
= LHW-QRP LHW_Flyers 76
10th Langshot Losers abaird 77
= Forti isnt my Forte quincymd 77
= Doug Lose Doug Chandler 77
11th Vote4Brexit Richard Baird 78
12th Forgot The Key MatchstickMan 79
13th Sunday Drivers Going Round in Circles jante 82
14th Richrockets silvester 85
= the wheels are off 2020 davet 85
= Harrys3 rustyw1974 85
15th MSM - On a slow road to Loserville MSM 88
16th Bram's frozen rods Pete (Brammers) 89
17th Hopewell Hazard TYREDOUT999 91
18th WC and Pee - a railway on a shoestring dougf1 95
= Cornish Follies knight errant 95
19th RONstopable Racing on the Lo(o)se RedBaRON 96
20th My hopes lie with Vettel, Gasly, McL, and AlfaR all doing poorly Armcheerf1fan 99
21st Last this time valerie 105
22nd Lentoni strappamutande roar 110
23rd Last not fast allan 113
24th Billy, mate, you've bought yourself a bunch of losers! Billy_no_mates 114
25th RONstopable Racing on the Lo(o)se 1 RedBaRON 126
26th GTs P7 Gordy 129
27th Black Romario 132
28th A #1 Lose Team by Mr T Mr T 137
29th Chocolate Fireguards spinneypj 139
30th Losers are cool cool_driver 142