Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Styria Grand Prix Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

Cup winners

Flat tyre award

starlite5 (mi99) 19pts

FROC (Areusure) 19pts

FIA Screwed Up (Silvergunner) 19pts

Prediction medal winners

Gold prediction medal

First this time (valerie)

Bronze prediction medal

Stihl Chainsaws (jonhairs)

BLM Racing (bluelionman)

Told you so! (valerie)

Gozian (GEORGE)

Clevedon mariners (dougf1)

Brum Brum (mull3331)

Haas My Boys (MrsJones)

Guinness Geniuses (Chris Godridge)

ColdWheels (Matt Chinn)

Retro Gamer and the Liars Liar (CrustySarfish)

RedBull FTW (CrustySarfish)

Green (Romario)

Mercurial point (selohmub)

The Same Star (Hiro)

Docjonel Racing 2 (JohnNelson)

Backing Lewis for Title No 7 (cool_driver)

Loony Max And The Thunder Blown (BizarreIsBack)

MB Predictions (Martin_Brumble)

Mercedes broken again (james)

My hopes lie with Max & Racing Point being strong in 2020 (Armcheerf1fan)

Andylanjosh (Davita)

Davith (Davita)

WC and Pee - a railway on a shoestring (dougf1)

Blackpool1-HamRen (Peter Latimer)

Blackpool2-HamOcon (Peter Latimer)

QC-Ham-Mag-AT-RP (David Latimer)

QC-Mag-Gas-Merc-RP (David Latimer)

QC-Ver-Mag-McL-AR (David Latimer)

Midfield Mayhem (AlexC)

Peter1 (peter slater)

Peter2 (peter slater)

the 24 hour glock (lostboy)

Wiiings (Dave Slater)

Tiggers terrors (Karen)

Pink Trombones (Simon Harris)

The Brit Boys (BizarreIsBack)

Massive Idiots (Slim 47)

Mair crashing (saucerboonie)

Howie’s Nemesis (DickDastardly)

Super Silvers (sheila_ashcroft)

BOGS of Somerset (dougf1)

Tortoise and Hare Racing (jante)

Bullseye (TREVOR)

Blackpool4-MercOcon (Peter Latimer)

QC-Per-Raik-Merc-Haas (David Latimer)

flavored1 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored2 (Rene Hoogvliet)

firetrap (lostboy)

More Likely II (tommartin)

Golden Rivets (Simon Harris)

One of Our Drivers is Missing (kernow_rail)