Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Portugal Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

Cup winners

Flat tyre award

Elgin Engines (Elgin_McQueen) 23pts

Prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Predictahoop (TYREDOUT999)

Stihl Chainsaws (jonhairs)

Cornish Follies (knight errant)

First this time (valerie)

Fast not last (allan)

At least mid table 1..... (SpeedySam)

At least mid table 3..... (SpeedySam)

The Winners (Dream on) (MrsJones)

Guinness Geniuses (Chris Godridge)

RedBull FTW (CrustySarfish)

Mercurial point (selohmub)

LHW-QRQ1 (LHW_Flyers)

Chelsea f1 (Uncle Frank)

Ham's Hammer (mull3331)

E.S.O.T.V. (mull3331)

Helliwell RC (davval49)

Stroll Into The Barriers (Lee O)

SpeedyRog 1 (Roger Cockerham)

Backing Lewis for Title No 7 (cool_driver)

Mercedes All The Way (BizarreIsBack)

Billy's Prediction Team (Billy_no_mates)

Mercedes broken again (james)

My hopes lie with Max & Racing Point being strong in 2020 (Armcheerf1fan)

My hopes lie with Vettel, Gasly, McL, and AlfaR all doing poorly (Armcheerf1fan)

My hopes lie with Lewis, Kimi, Renlt & Willms being predictable (Armcheerf1fan)

WC and Pee - a railway on a shoestring (dougf1)

The Dark side (TREVOR)

Blackpool2-HamOcon (Peter Latimer)

Blackpool4-MercOcon (Peter Latimer)

Ferrari back hander (Silvergunner)

QC-Ham-Per-AT-Haas (David Latimer)

QC-Ham-Mag-AT-RP (David Latimer)

QC-Ham-Gas-RP-AR (David Latimer)

QC-Mag-Gas-Merc-RP (David Latimer)

Mercurial (AlexC)

Peter1 (peter slater)

flavored1 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored2 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored5 (Rene Hoogvliet)

Point Brake (Dave Slater)

Dark Watch (Gslater)

Tiggers terrors (Karen)

want to win get a fin 2 (lostboy)

Massive Idiots (Slim 47)

Minardi (PsychoAtom)

Robbo's Road Rockets (robbo)

MAX ! #We Race As One (robbo)

We Race As One (GridGirl)

Sharp Racing (Matthew)

Bens Team (Ben)

Haas My Boys (MrsJones)

RG will Destry RC (CrustySarfish)

Whichwitch (Witchwhey)

Team MB (Martin_Brumble)

A #1 Win Team by Mr T (Mr T)

My Friends All Drive Porsches (Dave Slater)

Bernies Retirement Fund 2020 (neilsutton)

FlipItAndReverseIt (RedDawn)

Brackley Boys (GridGirl)