Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Portugal Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

Cup winners

Gold cup

I told you so! (valerie) 93pts

The predictables. (allan) 93pts

Flat tyre award

Elgins Underdogs (Elgin_McQueen) 26pts

Prediction medal winners

There are no gold prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

Rockwell Racers (jonhairs)

Broadwoodwidger (jonhairs)

Allotment Woes (kernow_rail)

And yet again . . . (MrsJones)

Mika Hakkinen (BarbaricAvatar)

Predictahoop (TYREDOUT999)

Tyred out! (valerie)

McLaren FTW (CrustySarfish)

The understateds (allan)

Turbo Tobias (casjas)

BHC Racing (mull3331)

Nae Mair Losing (saucerboonie)

Peter2 (peter slater)

HelliwellRC (davval49)

Slim 47 (Slim 47)

At least mid table 1..... (SpeedySam)

Ben's Team 1 (Ben)

WTW Racing (bluelionman)

Hungry like theToto wolff (Steve Smith)

Schrödinger's Cats (BottomBurps)

Lostboy racing (lostboy)

Globe Trotters (TREVOR)

Motorsport JRT (jrt55555)

flavored1 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored5 (Rene Hoogvliet)

FrenchCarsFailFast (AlpineIan)

Ham-Gio-Ferrari-Alpha T (MSM)

Blackpool5-HamTsuFerAlf (Peter Latimer)

Blackpool6-HamSaiAlTAlf (Peter Latimer)

Brown Helmets (Simon Harris)

No more GP2 engines in this team (Armcheerf1fan)

Purple Mushrooms (Simon Harris)

Yellow Belters (Simon Harris)

Pink Trombones (Simon Harris)

Peter4 (peter slater)

Roger Albert Clark in November (dougf1)

Inch or a mile (delstone)

Red Bullish (Billy_no_mates)

I spent 36m - all I got was this bunch losers! (Billy_no_mates)

Robbo's Road Runners "MERC 1" (robbo)

Of Corsa I'm Gonna Win! (Jenny Norton)

QC-Ham-Alo-AT-W (David Latimer)

Tortuos Trailers (lynne)

Family champs? (valerie)

Super Silvers (sheila_ashcroft)

The Dark side (TREVOR)

Kiwi F1 (Robert)

The Mercurials - Prediction Team (cool_driver)

Meta Marvels (Oggy)

Red Roosters (Simon Harris)