Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Styria Grand Prix Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix Podium Winners

Cup winners

Gold cup

the wheels are still on 2021 (davet) 87.0pts

Silver cup

RedWitch (Witchwhey) 83.0pts

QC-Ver-Rai-F-AT (David Latimer) 83.0pts

Bronze cup

QC-Tsu-Raik-Red-F (David Latimer) 82.0pts

Flat tyre award

Wheelie Loosers (Henessey_Venom) 6.0pts

Prediction medal winners

There are no gold prediction medal winners

Bronze prediction medal

The Mad Maxness of King George (MrsJones)


One of Our Drivers is Missing (kernow_rail)

LHW-QRQ1 (LHW_Flyers)

Lentoni strappamutande (roar)

Tunni 888 (gjones1199)

Tunni 666 (gjones1199)

Lady Lou (spinneypj)

Max Gasly (Harri Wadham)

Sharp Racing (Matthew)

Geo/Hel (GEORGE)

Olga (Beverley)

Edgar’s marauders F1 team (Blueraze)

Crazy Daisy (MS Racing)

Horace Minor (MS Racing)

the wheels are still on 2021 (davet)

SpeedyRog 2 (Roger Cockerham)

Grey (Romario)

Black (Romario)

RedWitch (Witchwhey)

premier sur la ligne (Tim)

Gives You Wings (andrea)

JT Racing (jrt55555)

Hit the Gas(ly) (mrmikescho)

LeclercKimiRebullAlpha (Maximo McWilliam)

Waiting for 22 (neilsutton)

Bullseye (TREVOR)

flavored2 (Rene Hoogvliet)

flavored6 (Rene Hoogvliet)

RONstopable winning mood 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (RedBaRON)

MSch-Nor-Red Bull-Willms [P] (MSM)

Davita (Davita)

Ritavid (Davita)

Docjonel Racing 1 (JohnNelson)

LewGasFerrAlfa (Maximo McWilliam)

Peter4 (peter slater)

QC-Ver-Rai-F-AT (David Latimer)

Billy predicts this team will do well (Billy_no_mates)

Sunday Best (jante)

Sergio Perez Appreciation Society (Dan Abrey)

P 1 (GridGirl)

Burley's bodgers (BurleyBear)

SpammySpam3xleaguewinner (Steerpike)

Jenson's Hendrix Experience (MS Racing)

Taylor F1 (jrt55555)

Uncle Frank (Uncle Frank)


flavored3 (Rene Hoogvliet)

Andclasal (Oggy)

Meta Marvels (Oggy)

Andy's Aces (abaird)

Lostboy racing 2 (lostboy)

Gucci & Prada (GridGirl)

QC-Tsu-Raik-Red-F (David Latimer)