Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

BLM F1 league scores

League Champion Gold Cup 2023

G Fed Racing

Owner: bluelionman
Final score: 1679pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Silver Cup 2023

Oranje Force Racing

Owner: bluelionman
Final score: 1664pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Bronze Cup 2023

Alfa Romeo'sssss

Final score: 1644pts  Score Breakdown

League Flat Tyre Champion 2023

Not The Comfy Seat

Owner: RustyBoots
Final score: 1165pts  Score Breakdown
  • Description: Money League - £5 per entry (max of 3) - prizes for 1st and 2nd - all entry fees go back out as prizes!
  • No. of teams: A maximum of 3 teams per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win
  • League cups are awarded to players in this league.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st G Fed Racing bluelionman 1679
2nd Oranje Force Racing bluelionman 1664
3rd Alfa Romeo'sssss GREATWHITEDALE 1644
4th Do you want Vries with that? delstone 1605
5th Surrey GP Superstars starwarrior68 1604
6th Red Bull Gives You Wings Dan Abrey 1598
7th The Right Toff Racers Jax2311 1594
8th Ha Ha Haas Steve Smith 1559
9th Greatwhitedale GREATWHITEDALE 1549
10th Hungry like the Toto Wolf Steve Smith 1541
11th Ernie's Milk Carts RustyBoots 1533
12th Not The Comfy Seat RustyBoots 1165