Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Billy's Losers - The 2019 league winners

It's here! The Fantasy Formula E 2019-20 season is now open. Visit and enter your Fantasy Formula E 2019-20 team at the Fantasy Formula E website today.

League Champion Gold Cup 2019

I spent 35 million & just got this bunch of losers

Owner: Mr T
Current score: 1302pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Silver Cup 2019

Kubica Bottas Haas Renault(no messing=no fancy team names here!)

Current score: 1281pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Bronze Cup 2019

Perez,Ricc,Willms,Red Bull (Futang=No BSing fancy names here!)

Current score: 1235pts  Score Breakdown

League Flat Tyre Champion 2019

Norris,Leclerc,Wllms,Merc (Bazinga!=no fancy names here!)

Current score: 974pts  Score Breakdown