Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Capita Racing Appreciation Party league scores

League Champion Gold Cup 2019

Does my helmet look big in this

Owner: James Fraser
Final score: 1313pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Silver Cup 2019

Nicks Bells

Final score: 1282pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Bronze Cup 2019


Owner: NickC
Final score: 1257pts  Score Breakdown

League Flat Tyre Champion 2019

Jack Lappin looks like my Uncle

Owner: PinkOlay
Final score: 760pts  Score Breakdown
  • No. of teams: A maximum of 3 teams per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win and Predictions Only
  • League cups are awarded to players in this league.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Does my helmet look big in this James Fraser 1313
2nd Nicks Bells Nick Stuart Bell 1282
3rd F.A.S.T NickC 1257
4th hamiltonwho? James Allen 1224
5th C.R.A.P Champions 2018 - 2nd Team Nick Bell 1221
6th I'm So Sorry Man Charis 1211
7th The Falcons of the Millennium Geoff K 1186
8th Giovinazzi No Likea La Paparazzi Lee O 1183
9th I Bottas Pull My Finger Out This Year Lee O 1161
10th Oops! Something went wrong GrandPee 1160
11th C.R.A.P Champions 2018 Nick Bell 1150
12th Lacks skill sets has entered the battle PinkOlay 1136
13th Nick Bells Nick Stuart Bell 1051
14th The Day After Ricciardo GrahamA 1051
15th Micheal Jackson support group LTD. PinkOlay 1034
16th Nissan Micra Racing UK/EU handsomeh 1003
17th Alt+F1 GrahamA 991
18th Penelope Pitstop Charis 989
19th Las chupacabras Geoff K 911
20th Duck, He's reaching into his bag James Allen 908
21st So this is NASCAR? GrandPee 770
22nd Jack Lappin looks like my Uncle PinkOlay 760