Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Medway league scores

  • Description: Dom's Medway League
  • No. of teams: Only 1 team per user is allowed to enter this league.
  • Allowed team types: Want to win
  • League cups are awarded to players in this league.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st Piston Broke emmjaybee 410
2nd Burley's bodgers BurleyBear 402
3rd There's nothing wrong with the car except it's on fire Pete (Brammers) 368
4th And it's Go Go Go! Desperados Dom 362
= Darkside sithspawn 362
5th SpammySpam3xleaguewinner Steerpike 327
6th Oranje boven antiflow 311
7th McCormick-Mercedes Neil McCormick 303
8th Of Corsa I'm Gonna Win! Jenny Norton 291
9th Zoom JaneW 276
10th Zoom Zoom Jason Brooks 263
11th Ragnar Racing Andy Hodge 235