Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2013 team entries

A gift or a KERS?

Owner: Gian
Final score: 890pts  Score Breakdown

A word from the wise?

Owner: Rich Fisher
Final score: 965pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Nico Hulkenberg and Jules Bianchi Teams: Lotus and Toro Rosso


Owner: podroberts
Final score: 1085pts  Score Breakdown

Actual Rolling Chicanes

Owner: MPD
Final score: 606pts  Score Breakdown

aj 36

Owner: jah
Final score: 875pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: AJHRacing
Final score: 1061pts  Score Breakdown

aka Godfather

Owner: wrecsamdraig
Final score: 927pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Paul di Resta and Charles Pic Teams: Sauber and Mercedes GP

aka Godfather II

Owner: wrecsamdraig
Final score: 2079pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ale27
Final score: 467pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ale27
Final score: 779pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ale27
Final score: 474pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ale27
Final score: 955pts  Score Breakdown

Alesi Team

Owner: ale27
Final score: 1240pts  Score Breakdown

Alex 07

Owner: ColinC
Final score: 1085pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ColinC
Final score: 722pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ColinC
Final score: 1113pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ColinC
Final score: 815pts  Score Breakdown

All about the car

Owner: Spence
Final score: 574pts  Score Breakdown

All about the driver

Owner: Spence
Final score: 867pts  Score Breakdown

All I got for 32 mill was this bunch of losers!

Final score: 978pts  Score Breakdown

All in the balance

Owner: Danzibob
Final score: 742pts  Score Breakdown

All stars

Final score: 1403pts  Score Breakdown

All the gear but no idea

Owner: Al_mitchell
Final score: 2307pts  Score Breakdown

allan's champs

Owner: softly
Final score: 710pts  Score Breakdown

Alonso Along

Owner: QuackQuack
Final score: 926pts  Score Breakdown

ambroids duffers

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 672pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Felipe Massa and Esteban Gutierrez Teams: Lotus and Sauber

ambroids elite

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 1763pts  Score Breakdown

ambroids winalot

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 841pts  Score Breakdown

Anarchy 88

Owner: anarchy88
Final score: 738pts  Score Breakdown

Anarchy United

Owner: anarchy88
Final score: 1604pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Oggy
Final score: 1107pts  Score Breakdown

Andy 01

Owner: andrew90
Final score: 820pts  Score Breakdown

Andy 02

Owner: andrew90
Final score: 908pts  Score Breakdown

Andy 03

Owner: andrew90
Final score: 799pts  Score Breakdown

Andy 04

Owner: andrew90
Final score: 886pts  Score Breakdown

Andy 2

Owner: andrew90
Final score: 824pts  Score Breakdown

Andylanjosh Racing

Owner: Davita
Final score: 892pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Paul di Resta and Max Chilton Teams: Williams and Lotus

Andys Aces

Owner: abaird
Final score: 642pts  Score Breakdown

Andys Mega

Owner: abaird
Final score: 2054pts  Score Breakdown


Final score: 1582pts  Score Breakdown

Anger Management

Owner: Dave Slater
Final score: 714pts  Score Breakdown

anything that moves

Owner: Jamie Hoyle
Final score: 915pts  Score Breakdown

Arc of a Diver

Owner: Hiro
Final score: 1048pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Alexander
Final score: 716pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: XRDS2009
Final score: 1437pts  Score Breakdown

Ashman's Awesome Alacrity Analysis

Owner: cool_andy
Final score: 938pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Paul di Resta and Max Chilton Teams: Sauber and Mercedes GP

Automotive Research for Sporting Excellence

Final score: 780pts  Score Breakdown


Final score: 748pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Kornel
Final score: 594pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Jenson Button and Jules Bianchi Teams: Sauber and Caterham F1

Avin it

Owner: LollyR
Final score: 673pts  Score Breakdown