Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2020 team entries

A #1 Lose Team by Mr T

Owner: Mr T
Final score: 968pts  Score Breakdown

A #1 Prediction Team by Mr T

Owner: Mr T
Final score: 925pts  Score Breakdown

A #1 Win Team by Mr T

Owner: Mr T
Final score: 1087pts  Score Breakdown

A Bridgestone too far

Owner: David Roberts
Final score: 935pts  Score Breakdown

A Nine Oak Razz

Owner: Madjax
Final score: 1081pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: delwil61
Final score: 0pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: kernow_rail
Final score: 1203pts  Score Breakdown

Aesgarth Team 1

Owner: Aesgarth
Final score: 855pts  Score Breakdown

Aesgarth Team 2

Owner: Aesgarth
Final score: 793pts  Score Breakdown

Alfa Romeo and Juliet

Owner: Dave Slater
Final score: 1118pts  Score Breakdown

All F1 Knowledge From Series 1 of Drive To Survive

Owner: Tim Edwards
Final score: 924pts  Score Breakdown

Allotment Woes

Owner: kernow_rail
Final score: 1091pts  Score Breakdown

Am I bovvered?

Owner: Crash
Final score: 830pts  Score Breakdown

Amstard Dribblers

Owner: CrustySarfish
Final score: 993pts  Score Breakdown

and it’s goodnight from him

Owner: Crash
Final score: 1356pts  Score Breakdown

And the Haas you rode in on!

Owner: GrahamA
Final score: 0pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Oggy
Final score: 843pts  Score Breakdown

Andrew's best Guesses

Owner: abaird
Final score: 782pts  Score Breakdown

Andy's Aces

Owner: abaird
Final score: 992pts  Score Breakdown

Andy's Mega

Owner: abaird
Final score: 1451pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Davita
Final score: 907pts  Score Breakdown

Arc of a Diver

Owner: Hiro
Final score: 803pts  Score Breakdown

arrowpoint 1

Owner: mi99
Final score: 558pts  Score Breakdown


Final score: 0pts  Score Breakdown

Ashman's expensive talented drivers

Owner: cool_andy
Final score: 1519pts  Score Breakdown

Ashman's Speedy Racers

Owner: cool_andy
Final score: 1074pts  Score Breakdown

At least mid table 1.....

Owner: SpeedySam
Final score: 997pts  Score Breakdown

At least mid table 2.....

Owner: SpeedySam
Final score: 1064pts  Score Breakdown

At least mid table 3.....

Owner: SpeedySam
Final score: 1211pts  Score Breakdown

Backing Lewis for Title No 7

Owner: cool_driver
Final score: 1265pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: silvester
Final score: 887pts  Score Breakdown

Bad boys f1

Owner: Uncle Frank
Final score: 1055pts  Score Breakdown


Final score: 713pts  Score Breakdown

Barclay F1

Owner: Bedsbiker
Final score: 790pts  Score Breakdown

Barnard Castle on a Single Tank

Owner: neilsutton
Final score: 1153pts  Score Breakdown

Beer Drinkers

Final score: 893pts  Score Breakdown

Bens Team

Owner: Ben
Final score: 1151pts  Score Breakdown

Bernies Retirement Fund 2020

Owner: neilsutton
Final score: 1185pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: MaddieFringe
Final score: 1011pts  Score Breakdown

Big Bucks Under the Bonnet

Owner: jante
Final score: 1527pts  Score Breakdown

Billy, can you be a hero?

Final score: 1090pts  Score Breakdown

Billy, mate, you've bought yourself a bunch of losers!

Final score: 849pts  Score Breakdown

Billy's Prediction Team

Final score: 986pts  Score Breakdown

BK Team 1

Owner: bak1
Final score: 1049pts  Score Breakdown

BK Team 2

Owner: bak1
Final score: 1069pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Romario
Final score: 899pts  Score Breakdown

Black cats on mopeds

Owner: zeppie
Final score: 0pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Peter Latimer
Final score: 1218pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Peter Latimer
Final score: 1204pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Peter Latimer
Final score: 1241pts  Score Breakdown