Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2018 team entries

A fearful Tom annoys

Owner: Tenticknap
Final score: 1034pts  Score Breakdown

A hockenheim we go

Owner: Francey
Final score: 1075pts  Score Breakdown

A Jordan Grand Prix

Owner: justcallmeaj
Final score: 1047pts  Score Breakdown

A Nine Oak Razz

Owner: Madjax
Final score: 1195pts  Score Breakdown

A Touch Of Cost

Owner: MatchstickMan
Final score: 1959pts  Score Breakdown

A wild card selection

Owner: Spanner
Final score: 1009pts  Score Breakdown

Abdi Bexley challenge

Owner: abdi
Final score: 1040pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: abdi
Final score: 1243pts  Score Breakdown

Abu Dhabi Do

Final score: 1003pts  Score Breakdown

Abu Dhabi Doo 2

Owner: Paul Jones
Final score: 1267pts  Score Breakdown

Abu Dhabi Doo!

Final score: 788pts  Score Breakdown

Acer Hawks Racing

Owner: Metal Gear
Final score: 1062pts  Score Breakdown

aces great

Owner: jeffdettori
Final score: 1100pts  Score Breakdown

aces high

Owner: jeffdettori
Final score: 950pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: handsomeh
Final score: 1008pts  Score Breakdown

Aim High In Domination!

Owner: MatchstickMan
Final score: 1216pts  Score Breakdown

Ain't No Verstappen Us Now

Owner: GrahamA
Final score: 1188pts  Score Breakdown

AJ’s Hornets

Owner: justcallmeaj
Final score: 1261pts  Score Breakdown

Alba Gu Brath

Final score: 1243pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: joseb
Final score: 975pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: joseb
Final score: 1157pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Alberto87
Final score: 1337pts  Score Breakdown

All about Car

Owner: Alex Clarke
Final score: 1047pts  Score Breakdown

All I got for 35 million was this bunch of losers

Final score: 1048pts  Score Breakdown

Allez les Papayas

Owner: AlexC
Final score: 859pts  Score Breakdown


Final score: 1143pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Aitor
Final score: 836pts  Score Breakdown

alonso racing

Owner: js_ah
Final score: 1349pts  Score Breakdown

Alonso you don't break down again

Owner: Lee O
Final score: 2012pts  Score Breakdown

Alpha Mike Foxtrot

Owner: Phil Jupiler
Final score: 1241pts  Score Breakdown

Ambroid's Merc Destroyers

Owner: Ambroid
Final score: 899pts  Score Breakdown

Ambroids 2nd Army

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 1085pts  Score Breakdown

Ambroids 3rd army

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 785pts  Score Breakdown

Ambroids Army

Owner: ambroid77
Final score: 1046pts  Score Breakdown

And now for something completely different

Owner: Crash
Final score: 2015pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez Teams: Mercedes and Ferrari

And they are off!!!

Owner: Harri Newton
Final score: 1387pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Oggy
Final score: 1133pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Davita
Final score: 1142pts  Score Breakdown

Andys Aces

Owner: abaird
Final score: 1141pts  Score Breakdown

Andys Mega!

Owner: abaird
Final score: 2003pts  Score Breakdown

Anya the amazing

Owner: Adam Jago
Final score: 1221pts  Score Breakdown

Arc of a Diver

Owner: Hiro
Final score: 1123pts  Score Breakdown

Archie’s Arrowheads

Owner: Orangina17
Final score: 951pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: selohmub
Final score: 1177pts  Score Breakdown