Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2018 team entries

Nae Mair cheating

Owner: saucerboonie
Final score: 1065pts  Score Breakdown

Nathan's ninjas

Owner: chris
Final score: 936pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: jack.lander4
Final score: 975pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Honeycomb
Final score: 1822pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Honeycomb
Final score: 1100pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Honeycomb
Final score: 1118pts  Score Breakdown

Never Say Forsaken Winners(NSFW)

Owner: beeno
Final score: 1759pts  Score Breakdown

newton and me

Owner: newton and me
Final score: 1617pts  Score Breakdown

Nico Hulkenberg has beaten The Stig

Final score: 189pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Nico Hulkenberg

Nigel Mansell's Tache

Owner: BenWilson
Final score: 1095pts  Score Breakdown

No dirty driving please, I have a Halo

Final score: 1133pts  Score Breakdown

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Owner: Crash
Final score: 1921pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: selohmub
Final score: 772pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: blackly
Final score: 1539pts  Score Breakdown

Numb to the pain

Owner: Aladins78
Final score: 1127pts  Score Breakdown