Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2018 team entries


Final score: 1170pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Alexander
Final score: 1006pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Lefty47
Final score: 1113pts  Score Breakdown

Uncle Frank

Owner: Uncle Frank
Final score: 1156pts  Score Breakdown

Unemployed Grid Girls GP Racing

Owner: roar
Final score: 1191pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: GrahamA
Final score: 1040pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Wheeltapper
Final score: 1021pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: james
Final score: 1205pts  Score Breakdown

Valtteri & Fernando - my team's fate lies in your hands!

Owner: Mr T
Final score: 1078pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Dave
Final score: 1200pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: MrsJones
Final score: 1214pts  Score Breakdown

Vettel & Alonso - now there's a pairing that must be a winner!

Owner: Britastic1
Final score: 1162pts  Score Breakdown

Vettel to be victorious & McLaren to bounceback

Owner: cool_driver
Final score: 1145pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Madjax
Final score: 1207pts  Score Breakdown

Viper Mk5

Owner: Spadge
Final score: 1071pts  Score Breakdown

vive la france

Owner: TYREDOUT999
Final score: 898pts  Score Breakdown

vriendelijke groet

Owner: ben10racing
Final score: 1219pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: prithiv82
Final score: 1011pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: mull3331
Final score: 998pts  Score Breakdown

Waddle Waddle

Owner: Cheryl Grundy
Final score: 935pts  Score Breakdown

Walker and Hunt

Owner: Mark Jones
Final score: 1101pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: wallslammer
Final score: 1173pts  Score Breakdown

Wapping Dick

Owner: Batchman
Final score: 1342pts  Score Breakdown

We are the Knights who say “Ni”

Owner: Crash
Final score: 2077pts  Score Breakdown

Welsh Wizards 1

Owner: wrecsamdraig
Final score: 1254pts  Score Breakdown

Welsh Wizards 2

Owner: wrecsamdraig
Final score: 2037pts  Score Breakdown

Whacked Spadge

Owner: Adamo
Final score: 1252pts  Score Breakdown

What Are Ya? Yob Or Gesticulator

Owner: MatchstickMan
Final score: 827pts  Score Breakdown

Wheel Halo There

Owner: Adam27
Final score: 1211pts  Score Breakdown

Wheelie Expensive

Final score: 1864pts  Score Breakdown

Wheelie Losers

Final score: 1051pts  Score Breakdown

When the Sainz come rolling in

Owner: mrmikescho
Final score: 1271pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Witchwhey
Final score: 1021pts  Score Breakdown

White Widow

Owner: OWEN
Final score: 1132pts  Score Breakdown

Who Knew?

Owner: Tom 2019
Final score: 1103pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: sirbobby
Final score: 805pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Dave Slater
Final score: 1179pts  Score Breakdown

Wild Horses

Owner: Gslater
Final score: 1242pts  Score Breakdown

Williams Mechachrome

Owner: Seyton Dennis
Final score: 955pts  Score Breakdown

Win For Ferrariiiiiiii

Owner: Rajalakshmi
Final score: 1076pts  Score Breakdown

Winging It Racing

Owner: bluelionman
Final score: 1141pts  Score Breakdown

Witcat Losers

Owner: Witcat
Final score: 744pts  Score Breakdown

Witcat Team 2

Owner: Witcat
Final score: 1170pts  Score Breakdown