Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2018 team entries


Owner: humpf
Final score: 948pts  Score Breakdown

Danica Does Donington

Owner: neilsutton
Final score: 1968pts  Score Breakdown

Daniel Ricciardo is not The Stig

Final score: 317pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Henners
Final score: 926pts  Score Breakdown

David Coulthard's Chin

Owner: BenWilson
Final score: 1231pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Davita
Final score: 1141pts  Score Breakdown

Davith Racing Team

Owner: Davita
Final score: 1829pts  Score Breakdown

Dead Fast Racing

Owner: Maffers
Final score: 1005pts  Score Breakdown

Dells Boys

Owner: Mark Bodell
Final score: 1358pts  Score Breakdown

Derrin's Racers

Owner: Elad1962
Final score: 1855pts  Score Breakdown

Devine Drivers

Owner: jazzyd
Final score: 1834pts  Score Breakdown

Dib 4 Wheels

Owner: Dibble
Final score: 1011pts  Score Breakdown

Dibble Devils

Owner: Dibble
Final score: 1861pts  Score Breakdown

Docjonel Racing 1

Owner: JohnNelson
Final score: 1242pts  Score Breakdown

Docjonel Racing 2

Owner: JohnNelson
Final score: 1214pts  Score Breakdown

Don't make me sick - AGAIN!

Final score: 1108pts  Score Breakdown

Don't make me sick 2018

Final score: 1087pts  Score Breakdown

Don’t take yourself out

Owner: Silvergunner
Final score: 1166pts  Score Breakdown

Dont want to win F1

Owner: Blueraze
Final score: 1195pts  Score Breakdown

Double Dutch

Owner: Dave Slater
Final score: 1397pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Maclarry
Final score: 726pts  Score Breakdown

Drifting like Lewis Hamilton

Final score: 612pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Lewis Hamilton

Driven to Success

Owner: Mark Jones
Final score: 1791pts  Score Breakdown

Driverless cars

Owner: TYREDOUT999
Final score: 1028pts  Score Breakdown

Dutch Destroyers

Owner: bluelionman
Final score: 1029pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Razor6I
Final score: 1101pts  Score Breakdown

Early Retirement

Owner: Clive Loynes
Final score: 1205pts  Score Breakdown

Eddie Jordan's Shirtmaker

Final score: 1007pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Daniel2017
Final score: 901pts  Score Breakdown

El Angel Charcutero 2

Owner: Daniel2017
Final score: 830pts  Score Breakdown

El Angel Charcutero 3

Owner: Daniel2017
Final score: 1437pts  Score Breakdown

Elgin F1

Owner: Blueraze
Final score: 1052pts  Score Breakdown

Elgin Racers Also Rans

Owner: Elgin_McQueen
Final score: 1021pts  Score Breakdown

Elgin Racers FTW

Owner: Elgin_McQueen
Final score: 1064pts  Score Breakdown

Elgin Racers Outside Chance

Owner: Elgin_McQueen
Final score: 1182pts  Score Breakdown

Empire Rules

Owner: sithspawn
Final score: 1251pts  Score Breakdown

Entente Cordiale

Final score: 1229pts  Score Breakdown

Esteban Ocon is faster than you

Owner: Esteban Ocon
Final score: 164pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Esteban Ocon

Eye Eye Eye

Owner: TUK F1
Final score: 2090pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: McBear
Final score: 1204pts  Score Breakdown

F1 Fanatical

Final score: 1218pts  Score Breakdown

F1 gas

Owner: F1gas
Final score: 1818pts  Score Breakdown

Final score: 1162pts  Score Breakdown