Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2018 team entries

I don't have any other Fantasy Team Names

Owner: supermariorp
Current score: 1180pts  Score Breakdown

I don't have any other Fantasy Team Names 2

Owner: supermariorp
Current score: 1224pts  Score Breakdown

I have five wheels stig

Owner: davet
Current score: 1915pts  Score Breakdown

I hope Ive made an effing decent choice- she says with a chuckle

Owner: Effing Fiona
Current score: 1081pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: handsomeh
Current score: 628pts  Score Breakdown

I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK

Owner: Crash
Current score: 1282pts  Score Breakdown

If this team doesn't do well - i'll eat my *****

Owner: Armcheerf1fan
Current score: 1207pts  Score Breakdown

If this team is low in the league-then its gone horribly wrong

Owner: Armcheerf1fan
Current score: 1239pts  Score Breakdown

Iron Hammers

Owner: Adrian
Current score: 1097pts  Score Breakdown

Is Ricc as good as Max - Are McLaren & Haas resurgent Teams?

Owner: MSM
Current score: 1050pts  Score Breakdown

Ivor Driver

Owner: humpf
Current score: 992pts  Score Breakdown