Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix 2019 team entries

I Bottas Pull My Finger Out This Year

Owner: Lee O
Current score: 466pts  Score Breakdown

I don't have any other fantasy team names

Owner: supermariorp
Current score: 456pts  Score Breakdown

I don’t believe it!

Owner: Crash
Current score: 324pts  Score Breakdown

I have 5 wheels

Owner: davet
Current score: 610pts  Score Breakdown

I know what I'm doing

Owner: Craigsbeard
Current score: 471pts  Score Breakdown

I Like Toast

Current score: 422pts  Score Breakdown

I Love Dovi

Owner: MS Racing
Current score: 315pts  Score Breakdown

I love Williams - hate that they are so rubbish right now

Owner: Britastic1
Current score: 391pts  Score Breakdown

I spent 35 million & just got this bunch of losers

Owner: Mr T
Current score: 421pts  Score Breakdown

I'm So Sorry Man

Owner: Charis
Current score: 413pts  Score Breakdown

Ice Ice Baby

Owner: dougf1
Current score: 397pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Tim
Current score: 332pts  Score Breakdown

It's hammer time for Robert Kubica

Owner: Robert Kubica
Current score: 18pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Robert Kubica

Itchy Bitchy Witches

Current score: 340pts  Score Breakdown

Ivor Driver

Owner: humpf
Current score: 317pts  Score Breakdown