Fantasy Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 'FF1GP Predictions' league scores

League Champion Gold Cup 2020

My hopes lie with Lewis, Kimi, Renlt & Willms being predictable

Owner: Armcheerf1fan
Current score: 1102pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Silver Cup 2020


Owner: Romario
Current score: 1082pts  Score Breakdown

League Champion Bronze Cup 2020


Owner: Davita
Current score: 1026pts  Score Breakdown

League Flat Tyre Champion 2020

Everything On Red!

Owner: MatchstickMan
Current score: 600pts  Score Breakdown
  • Description: All `Predictions Only` teams are automatically entered in this league
  • Allowed team types: Predictions Only
  • League cups are awarded to players in this league.
Pos Team Name Owner Score
1st My hopes lie with Lewis, Kimi, Renlt & Willms being predictable Armcheerf1fan 1102
2nd Maroon Romario 1082
3rd Davith Davita 1026
4th Told you so! valerie 1022
5th Stroll Into The Barriers Lee O 1012
6th Predictahoop TYREDOUT999 1002
7th Guess what? allan 996
8th Billy's Prediction Team Billy_no_mates 986
9th MSM - Predictions MSM 961
10th MB Predictions Martin_Brumble 929
11th A #1 Prediction Team by Mr T Mr T 925
12th COOL . . . I didn't predict THAT cool_driver 877
13th LHW-Prediction LHW_Flyers 842
14th Andrew's best Guesses abaird 782
15th Tortoise and Hare Racing jante 771
16th Yeti and the Jaffa Cakes dougf1 758
17th I Bottas Win The Championship This Year Lee O 746
18th Robros Robert 728
19th i predict 3 wheels 2020 davet 692
20th Everything On Red! MatchstickMan 600
21st Rene Arnoux, allez! Mark Jones 510
22nd What would Maldonado Do? Geoff K 500
23rd Montoya Python Geoff K 499
24th Toptem silvester 408
25th The Race Fixer Pete (Brammers) 363
26th UnPredictable Richard Baird 302
27th Lothian F1 Racing Team Y2Kev5 111
28th I AM STILL NICK BELL! Nick Stuart Bell 110
29th PFQ Racing teeder 76
30th I AM NICK BELL! Nick Stuart Bell 73
31st Corona 500 GrahamA 0
= Black cats on mopeds zeppie 0
= Who Took the Keys to My Beamer CHARISBAILEY 0
= Software is better than tech. PinkOlay 0
= Lewis Hamilton is glorious PinkOlay 0
= And the Haas you rode in on! GrahamA 0
= slags James Fraser 0
= C.R.A.P Champions 2018 - 2nd Team Nick Bell 0
= C.R.A.P Champions 2018 Nick Bell 0
= F1 FANTASY CHAMPION 2019/20 (also knows more then Lee about F1) James Fraser 0
= gggg Z e 0
= A20WD delwil61 0
= Cosmo Alan 0
= I don't much care for Nigel Mansell Guy 0
= AS42 angelsummers42 0